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ThreeBulls 1.8mm Fluorescent Reflective Guyline Tent Rope Camping Cord Paracord,65 Feet

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BDT 2072.76

  • Super strong, reflective,Highly Visible, fluorescent in dark or at night
  • Suitable Great accessory for camping tent, awning, canopy etc.
  • Line Diameter: approx. 1.8mm,Total Length: approx. 20 Meters
  • Color:Green
  • Package Includes: 1 x 1.8mm Reflective Rope

  • Description Super strong, reflective Highly Visible,
    fluorescent in dark or at night Suitable to use with guy line runners Great accessory for camping tent, awning, canopy etc. Line
    Diameter: approx. 1.8mm Total Length: approx. 20 Meters
    Package Includes: 1 x 1.8mm Reflective Rope


    Customer Review


    Doesn't measure the 1.8mm in diameter as advertised

    A friend supplied me some cord on a recent camping trip and I bought this product to give back to him in return. Before I shopped I measured the cord I had and it came pretty close to 1.8mm in diameter. This product is advertised at being 1.8mm in diameter, so I bought it even though the supplier didn't provide its tensile strength information. When the product arrived, right away it looked thinner in diameter then the cord I was replacing. So I got out our measuring tool and it confirmed what my eyes were telling me. See the photos. I also did a tensile strength test thinking just because it was thinner it didn't necessarily have to be weaker. I didn't want to return cord to my friend that was inferior to what he so generously provided me. This new cord broke when I added 8 more pounds to the 70 pounds it was already holding. So it's strength is in the 70-78 lb. range. The other, wider cord that I had didn't break at the maximum weight I applied of 120 lbs. So at the end of the day this cord isn't a replacement for me. Its diameter is less than what is advertised, which is too bad because that is what I based my purchase on. My strength test confirmed my concern that it was also weaker than what I was hoping before. All this matters to me. Please use this information however it suits you.

    by Paul Winterstein, September 19, 2020


    I might love this UPDATE

    I might love this cordI decided to try this as guy line cord for a couple of my tents.In my effort to reduce some weight & clutter in my tent stuff sack, I'm eliminating as much as poss. (I'm not an ultralite purist :))I'll use this 1.8mm line with a "taut hitch" instead of stock metal tensioners & 550 paracordI've pulled this with my bowstring scale to over 55# with very minimal stretch and no indication it may breakThat's far more than my guyline loops on my tents can withstand - IMOWell, it's been 1-1/2 yrs & I bought 2 more :)the reflectivity of this seems up to parI'm optimistic - may buy some other colors - thanx,greg

    by Greg, December 14, 2016


    This is probably not what you think it is.

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I was surprised to see how thin this cordage is. It might not be what you think it is. It is a sheath over a single poly strand. Compared to regular "paracord" which has 7 strands. Nevertheless, it is strong enough to hold a 25 pound dumbell with no problem. I did an unscientific test of abrasion using a mill bastard file. See for yourself in the video. In comparison, it took almost 4 times as many swipes on a regular "paracord". That was enough to tell me that I would not use it in high abrasion situations. I trust its strength for guy lines for ultralight camping but I wouldn't trust it for a thru-hike where failure is a bigger problem. I initially thought it does not reflect nearly as well as other reflective cord I own but it really is quite impressive there. Hang it 20ft away in the dark and shine a headlight on it. Wow! Very cool.. It is worth the money as long you know what you are buying.

    by JS-IN-USA, February 25, 2021


    Good small diameter cordage

    I ordered this cordage to use primarily for tying out the ends of a wire antenna for my ham radio and I am pleased with the product. The orange color is vivid and the reflective fiber woven into the cordage is sufficient for safety at night. Be aware that this is NOT paracord, but is much thinner as you can see from the photo (paracord is on the left, this cordage is on the right). Nice stuff if you know what to expect when ordering.

    by Browncoats Unite!, April 11, 2017


    These are great for what I bought them for...

    I had a bunch of first aid kits that I was giving as gifts for Christmas and I wanted reflective zipper pulls on all the zippers. Now, small zippers are easier to grip for bigger hands for my male family members (and females with smaller hands, too), and they are highly reflective. To test the reflectiveness, be sure you are holding the light close to your eyes for an angle in which the rope can directly reflect back to the flashlight, right next to your eyes to really see how bright it will reflect. I didn't know this, and at first, I thought they maybe weren't very reflective. I WAS WRONG! That's just how reflective stuff works, like when your headlights shine directly on a reflective object, it's going to bounce that light back to your headlights like it would bounce straight back to the flashlight. Just something to keep in mind!

    by Al, January 7, 2019


    ThreeBulls 1.8mm Fluorescent guy line

    Good stuff. great value for the money. I can't vouch for the durability yet, but if you're familiar with Lawson glo-wire (the gold standard as far as I'm concerned), this is really close, but slightly smaller diameter. The tracer is woven into the cord well, so it doesn't snag easily. The cord is tightly woven and stiff, so it doesn't tangle easily, and it holds knots well. At 1.8 mm, the tensile strength may be a little lower, but it should be more than adequate for guy lines. It should also be a great weight saver for those gram weenies out there. I haven't tried it with line-loks, it might be a little narrow for them - might need a backing knot to avoid slippage. Very reflective under flashlighting. Completely satisfied with this product and will order more (beware one by NYKKOLA which is very cheap cord and WAY more than 1.8 mm). Even though the product photos look similar, they are NOTHING alike.

    by Sherri Labar, September 15, 2019


    Thin line but appears strong! Bright color is nice.

    I wanted to redo the guylines on my 30 year old Eureka tent. I bought this to use to tie out the staked ends and it worked out well. I think it's a tad thinner than I expected (my fault for not measuring properly) In the future I might pick something another mm thicker. That way the line holds easier when you are tying your taut line hitches for the staked ends. The line is very very bright and easy to see so you dont trip over it. Remember to melt the ends after cutting so they dont fray apart. Good value and I'd buy this brand again.

    by Miles Folst, August 19, 2020


    Just about glows in the dark.

    This line is exceptionally light and thin. It’s a little stiff and fussy at least when new. Those not inclined to tiny knots should grab some aluminum adjusters. Exceptionally visible. It doesn’t actually glow but is very visible in very low light. I’ve used 220 paracord with reflective tracers and this beats it hands down. Has a tendency to dig and snag when used over a branch with soft bark making retrieval cumbersome

    by Noah McCord, May 26, 2018


    Good value for money

    Using for the past few months to have the dog in a long lightweight leash. It has been damaged but didn't break. The fluorescent aspect only happens if a light shines in it. It won't glow in the dark.

    by DINA WERSTAK, December 20, 2020


    Bright and visible but seems rather thin.

    Arrived and been used to strengthen our new polytunnel as the previous one was destroyed by high wind. .Not sure it would last as it seems much thinner than standard camping ropes. Fingers crossed as we head to more windy weather.

    by elmtree, June 20, 2021


    Great value for money

    I used this to tie loops on the end of my tent pegs, perfect for the job.

    by Mr Wayne Forrest, April 20, 2021


    This is VERY thin cord

    Don't know what I expected but I thought it would be a bit bigger. It might be luminous but you would need very good eyes to see the cord because it is so thin. No doubt it's strong for it's size but totally unsuitable for tent use.

    by Brian, July 15, 2020


    Thin and strong.

    Great strength for diameter and highly visable, very handy for outdoor life from hiking, camping and fishing with a multitude of uses.

    by Bad Moon Rising, August 15, 2021

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