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Detail Factory Ultra-Soft Detailing Brush Set, Comfortable Grip and Scratch-Free Cleaning for Exterior, Interior Panels, Emblems, Badges, Gauge Cluster, Infotainment Screen

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    • 4.8 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to Bangladesh by 29-October to 02-November.
BDT 9012.70

  • Ergonomically designed handle profile
  • Textured grip area
  • Balanced at grip area to minimize user fatigue
  • Chemical resistant handle and ultra-soft synthetic bristles
  • Metal free construction to prevent scratching

  • Color:gray

    These Ultra-Soft brushes are specifically designed for light duty cleaning on scratch-prone automotive surfaces, such as "Piano black" interior panels found in many modern cars They also work great for instrument and infotainment panel dusting and cleaning as well as detailing around badges and emblems where boar's hair may mar the surface. Featuring ergonomically designed and balanced handles, you will be able to clean longer, safer, and more comfortably than with other detailing brushes on the market.


    Customer Review


    It's all true

    Everything great thing you may have heard about the Ultra-Soft detailing brushes from Detail Factory are true. Seriously, these are by far the softest brushes I have ever used. The only funny thing is the handle of the larger brush doesn't feel as ergonomic as the smaller brush, I think, because it's heavier. I would recommend purchasing two smaller brushes rather than the set that I bought. I don't feel inspired to use the larger/heavier/longer brush. The smaller one, though, that's a winner. It's the right size, thickness, weight. The smaller brush will quickly become your favorite. Honestly, you will keep these forever.

    by Mister B., February 16, 2019


    Incredible Quality

    These things are amazing. They were Recommended by Pan the Organizer. These tools stand out with such quality in my detailing arsenal. So soft and yet so effective. Love them.

    by Christopher Robinson, July 22, 2019


    Plush, Well-Made and a Must Have for Auto Detailers

    These brushes are exactly what I was looking for. They are extremely soft and durable. The weight is well-balanced and build quality is strong. If you need a brush with less give and more abrasive power, these are not for you. These feel almost like the same brushes my wife uses to apply makeup. I highly recommend them if you’re looking for high quality and extremely plush auto detailing brushes.

    by Dustin, January 12, 2020


    Good stuff

    I do a lot of paint correction and I like using this brush to remove any compound stuck in the cracks.. one thing I don’t like about them is that they give me the wrong color I ordered black and I receive the red ones my company’s colors are black and purple and I wanted to stick to those colors but Oh well it gets the job done.

    by Edward, September 16, 2020


    Great brushes... May lose some strands.

    These brushes are fantastic for soft plastics and infotainment screens. However, there may be better alternatives, as these are very expensive, and over time they start losing bristles. I usually spray a small amount of APC on these and brush plastics and screens to clean them. After about 4-5 uses, I noticed the bristles are starting to come out. Not a whole bunch of them, but one or two here and there. However, they are still decent brushes.

    by Keehawn, August 31, 2021


    great detail brush

    I can get crazy about the little cracks and crevices you just can't seem to reach when you clean the car and these do the trick - sturdy, well made, don't shed - I like the fact that the brush fibers are synthetic - hold up to a lot of different solutions

    by Bobbie S, November 4, 2018


    Excellent Interior Brushes

    Excellent brushes for detailing sensitive parts and lightly soiled interiors. I wish I bought detail factory's boars head brushes, but I went with another higher quality brush.If I had to buy only 1 of these 2 brushes, I'd buy the smaller one, I feel it is much easier to navigate around the inside of the vehicle.

    by Andrew Ballard, October 2, 2020


    Better than expected

    What a value these are! I really gave these a workout and they kept asking for more. Usually a soft brush will only take so much punishment before the bristles start to fray or come out. I'm looking at all of Detail factories products because they make a great product.

    by biker, April 11, 2020


    Brilliant products

    Really into car detailing and I love these brushes they are well worth the money and are good for both interior and exterior. They do not scratch the paint so they are safe on all parts of the car, I would buy again

    by Jimmy, October 3, 2020


    Quality brush

    Used for detailing just about anything, car ornaments etc. Quality feel about the rubber and no bristle loss after several weeks of hard use. Bought two sets, one for inside of car and one for external use

    by MEAS1, February 3, 2019


    Expensive but worth it

    Great for cleaning car leather seats without marking them

    by Amazon Customer, March 20, 2019


    Five Stars

    Very soft, very useful

    by Russ, July 2, 2018




    by 名無し, March 19, 2021

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