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Delidge Silicone Spatula Set - 4-piece, Heat-Resistant Baking Spoon & Spatulas, Non-stick Rubber Dishwasher Safe Seamless Spatulas with Stainless Steel Core - Multicolor(21.7cm/8.56inch)

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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to Bangladesh by 29-October to 02-November.
BDT 2602.43

  • DISHWASHER SAFE - Easy-to-clean - Stain and odor resistant so your spatula remind clean and never affect the flavor of your food - Will not discolor, warp, melt or chip.
  • HIGH HEAT 450°F PRO-GRADE SILICONE - Our BPA Free Silicone is Safe for Coated & Non-stick Cookware and perfect for use with hot foods and around the cook top.
  • BEAUTIFUL COLOR AND DESIGN - Ergonomic design for confortable grip - Perfect weight and balance - Easy-to-use - One Piece design means no head to pop off and no place for bacteria to.
  • DURABILITY - This is key. Stainless Steel is added to every spatula for extra strength ensuring your set will work perfectly on the first use and the 100th use. You need a spatula set that you can count on day in and day out.
  • WE ARE BRAND SELLER OF DELIDGE: "Delidge,always delidge your life." If you are not satisfied with our product quality or unhappy with the purchase-Delidge gladly accept your return for FULL REFUND but within 30 days after your purchase with no questions asked.

  • SILICONE SPATULAS --- Convenience kitchen tool for baking, mixing, cooking,scooping or tasting

    You can use the silicone spatulas to making light and fluffy scrambled eggs because its high-heat resistant won't melt or scrape the pan. They are also perfect for folding dough, mixing batter, scraping the mixing bowl and so on.

    Innovative Design And High Quality Materials can make you and your family have lots of fun in kitchen.

    Delidge -- hope your happy shopping

    Length: 21.5cm / 8.46 inch

    Weidth: 4cm / 1.57 inch



    One piece made by silicone, non-toxic environmental protection.


    High quality and stainless steel core never fracture. Heat resistant, it can be freezing -40℃ and heat to 260℃ / 500℉.


    Weignt is non stick and clean easily. It can be placed easily by hanging it.


    4 pcs a pack, including orange, red, green, blue. Worth to buy!


    Customer Review


    Ok but broke after a month and a half of typical use

    So I loved these spatulas when they first arrived. I raved to my family about them because the size is perfect for cleaning out jars. I have been using them about 3 to 4 times a week. I used the green one today to make cookies and it broke. The silicone split and the metal...

    by Michelle C, June 26, 2018


    Smooth material

    These are my favorite “tool” for the kitchen. I have several silicone spatulas now & don’t feel like you can ever have too many. I do quite a bit of cooking and loves these especially when I bake or make scrambled eggs. I’ve always gravitated towards the “non traditional”...

    by M3G, July 2, 2019


    Use to feed my blind, toothless dog

    I got these thinking they were smaller, like the ones you get in sets at Ross or TJ Maxx, but they're actually bigger at the spatula end, which turned out to be fine. My dog prefers to be fed by spoon and since she doesn't have any teeth she can pull the wet food off of...

    by Tracy, December 10, 2018


    Too short for most applications

    The seller should be clearer about the length of these. At exactly 8.5 inches long, they are shorter than any spatula or spoon I own, and once grasped by me, my hand will pretty much be in the pudding, so to speak.

    by zentinel, December 6, 2017


    Perfect for most of my cooking. I use them for mixing, scraping, and flipping.

    I use these daily. They are my go-to spoon/spatula for mixing anything that's not too heavy; scrambling eggs, woking, frying, cleaning out pans, etc. They are one piece so the head never comes loose or pops off and they are silicone so they clean great plus they don't get...

    by Shafer, February 1, 2019


    nice (smaller) spoonula/spatula

    Firm and flexible. spoon shaped, convex one side, concave the other. As others stated, they are smaller than the average spatula, think about the larger serving spoons in many silverware sets, that's the size. Except for deep jars where more length would be...

    by KPR, May 31, 2018


    Strong, but flexible. Love the “scoop” shape, rather than perfectly flat.

    I use several silicone spatulas a day for all kinds of food prep and baking, and I’m pretty picky. These are firm, not flimsy. Yet they are flexible, too, easily scraping the sides of everything from a saucepan to a mayonnaise jar to a bowl of cake batter. I prefer the...

    by librarylady, August 22, 2020


    Handy, workable, easy to use

    Although I originally wanted even smaller spatulas, but these are also great. They are flexible so will bend to get what you're scooping. I also like that they are one piece instead of a wooden stick stuck into silicone end. (That wooden kind can get discovered and...

    by S. Russ, August 5, 2020

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