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Hard Wax Beads for Hair Removal – Coarse Body Hair Formula – Our Strongest Wax for Brazilian, Underarms, Back and Chest – Large 1lb Refill Pearl Beans for Wax Warmers – Blue Bikini Babe by KoluaWax

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BDT 7465.60

  • Our Strongest Formula- Targets thick coarse hair! Our Bikini Babe wax removes even your most stubborn hair. Made from Brazilian carnauba palm wax. These little blue beads pack a powerful punch. Perfect for bikini, back, chest, underarm waxing or anywhere you find unwanted coarse hair.
  • Save Money- Salon waxing adds up. One brazilian wax alone costs upwards of $50.00. With a large 1 Pound bag of KōluaWax hard wax beans, you may get 40 bikini waxes or more. Plus, ten disposable spatulas included.
  • Convenient- You're on your time, not the salons. Enjoy stripless, flawless hair removal at home. Highly flexible for easy removal. Melts quickly and pulls off cleanly.
  • Try Them All- KoluaWax delivers the ultimate at-home waxing experience. Complete with our 3 signature formulas to leave your skin gorgeously smooth and hair free anywhere. Our wax beads are the perfect refill for any wax warmer.

  • Experience smooth skin that lasts 10X longer than shaving and with less pain than traditional waxing.

    Receive a 1 pound bag of KōluaWax Bikini Babe Formula, 10 disposable applicators, and How-To Guide. Our Bikini Babe Hard Wax Beads are designed to tackle thick and stubborn hair and are perfect for sensitive areas. Your beach body has never felt so gorgeously smooth.

    Does it work? Absolutely! Shaving cuts the hair follicle at the skin. But KōluaWax adheres to the hair, pulling it out of the root. Because hair is removed farther down the shaft, it takes longer to grow back. Regrowth may appear softer, finer, and less noticeable.

    HOW TO USE: Melt KōluaWax in a wax warmer. Apply wax in direction of hair growth. Allow 30 to 45 seconds to harden. As soon as the wax isn't sticky to the touch, pull wax quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth, trapping the hair and pulling it from the root. No cloth strips are needed. Say aloha to gorgeously smooth skin.


    Customer Review


    Stop!!! And just add this to your basket

    Let me tell you...I've never been one to go to a shop n get pampered. I learned how to do my nail, hair, make-up. And yes waxing on my own with practice and patience. I bought a new wax warmer n new wax beads. I wasn't expecting anything fabulous. BOY HOWDY. I love this stuff. Previous waxes were hard n flaky and not so pretty. This stuff here... SOOOOOO pretty n glittery 👌❤️💋. It peeled off so nicely. The wax does take a minute longer to dry. But I don't know if I was use to crappy wax, I will buy this again. AND AGAIN. So if you go by reviews like I do. ( I always read the bad ones first ) buy this one... Stop looking you're wasting your time. I WOULDN'T LIE TO YOU

    by leah davis, October 7, 2018


    Not painless as advertised--read for tips

    UPDATE: DO NOT, no matter how tempted you are, do NOT use this to wax your face! I made that mistake, and two days after waxing, my entire face broke out in some aggressive acne!!Ok. It is VERY, VERY misleading to call this wax painless. It is far from it, and stings like a mofo. Having said that, it wasn't too bad. No matter how scared you are to pull, JUST DO IT. The pain literally is so fast, you barely have time to flinch. The first yank is the scariest. The trick is not to pull upward away from your body, but pull as level and as close to you body as possible, then it won't feel as painful. Trust me. Also, be careful of the wax running off the stick if you're being impatient. I immediately applied it to my bikini area and it drizzled into the nether-region of my lady parts! And it was burning hot! If that happens, soak in a hot bath and gently remove the wax with you fingers. I accidently drizzled some wax on my hardwood floor, but once it dried, it came right off without damaging the floor.

    by Sparkles, March 1, 2019



    Omg... where do I even start?!?!Not only does this wax actually do the job on my legs and bikini area it actually is the only wax that gets my coarse ethnic mix hair off my face!!I'm crying I've never had such good luck with wax. It melts easy and is very easy to use as long as you follow the instructions.Will be buying this wax for life ♡

    by Morianna, January 17, 2019


    Professional Esthetician- This Wax is a diamond in the rough

    First off my review is coming from a professional standpoint as I’ve been an Esthetician for 15 years. For the last 7 years I’ve independently owned and operated an esthetics studio- my most sought after service is Brazilian Waxing. On an average day, I do 15-20 people. I mainly use one company as my wax supplier but I always get samples and enjoy trying new companies and products. Over the years, very few products and/or companies have impressed me. And when I ordered this wax, I was in a jam and needed it quickly. I’ve ordered plenty of hard wax on Amazon throughout the years just to see what’s out there etc- literally they all suck and I’m disappointed. So my expectation was low and came from desperation! After the first bag and using it on clients that day- I got right back on Amazon the same night and ordered 6 more bags. In a nutshell: It melts evenly which is very important in protecting the skin, it adheres to even the toughest hairs, cleans up incredibly well (not tacky, sticky, or cracking because it’s too thin). And I just couldn’t believe how versatile, consistent and effective this wax is- a diamond in the rough

    by Tina, July 12, 2019



    You can microwave if you are very careful. Stir every 30 seconds until desired consistency is reached. DO NOT walk away as it will catch fire if you set it on 6 minutes and forget about it!

    by Amazon Customer, October 13, 2018


    Cut down waxing time

    Arrived on timeWell packagedWorks really wellThis is supposed to be for brazilian waxes but works well on thick hair in general, it seems to grip to the hair better than other wax beads I have tried. I typically order the pink bag from this bag which works really well. These wax beans can get most of my under arm in one try but I like to go over it a second time to get everything really smooth. I do the same when I do my own bikini waxes, I try to do a medium sized section and pull against the hair growth and typically go over every section 1-2 times to get all the hair. I highly recommend these wax beads to cut down the time in waxing and get a cleaner outcome.

    by Gloria J, December 25, 2018


    Amazing wax- I am a believer!

    I am a fan of the Kolua Wax, but I usually use the pink kind. Over the last few times of waxing areas on my face I noticed I was having more and more hair left behind. I decided to try this, since it says it's their strongest wax- and I was happy overall with the brand. The Blue Bikini wax worked way better than the pink kind for my coarse hair! So glad I switched to this kind! Also my cat loves to play with the little leis they send in the packages lol. Thanks for making awesome wax that leaves me feeling confident :)

    by Kiki, November 29, 2018


    Great Wax

    I previously used the Kolua pink wax which I enjoyed but this wax is even better. I love it! I'm hispanic and have very thick hair on most of my body. This wax got almost all my underarm hair in one strip, even the hair that was growing in the opposite direction. Even with the pink wax I need a few strips to get all the hair not with this. I definitely will be purchasing again.

    by Taylor K., October 24, 2018

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