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Over The Sink Dish Drying Rack, SNTD Width Adjustable(32"≤Sink Size ≤ 40") Stainless Steel Kitchen Supplies Storage Counter Organizer, Black

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    • 4.6 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to Bangladesh by 29-October to 02-November.
BDT 60713.23

  • Freely modify the width of rack ( From 33.8" to 41.5") : use equipped short screws to lock width of middle square tube. The product description image will show installation instructions.
  • Unique L Shaped Base Stand up and Double Suction Cups design, More Stable than the traditional H and U shaped.
  • Premium and durable stainless steel construction with black-coated finish.
  • Easy to assemble and clean, sturdy enough to hold the weight of dishes on the counter.
  • Shelf outside size: (33.8"-41.5") W x 12.4"D x 20.5"H, Inside size: (32.8"-40.5") W x 12.4"D x 20.5"H. The height of the faucet should be ≤ 16.5".


    Customer Review


    Easy setup, but Chipping paint and other issues found.

    The basket for bowls is almost useless as no bowls that I own, from kids bowls to normal adult sized bowls will fit in it. The knife rack chipped and a nice piece of the black paint flew off when the first knife was placed in it.The silverware holder is a tad bit small.If I could change anything on this I would ditch the bowl rack entirely, and opt for a second dish basket, and a second silverware basket.Overall I do like this, don't get me wrong. But the chipping paint was a bummer on a >$115 dish rack, coupled with a useless bowl basket.I'd really like a replacement knife rack, and the option to purchase a second silverware basket and dish basket.

    by JQ Tusker, March 27, 2020


    Can’t even assemble it

    I was so excited to have a dish drying rack in my kitchen, I have been using a strainer over the sink because I didn’t want one of those racks next to the sink and lose counter space. However, once I took everything out of the box, I wasn’t even able to put it together because one of the legs did not have the holes for the screws. Paying over $80 for something that is not even made correctly... I wanted to return it but I have to pay for shipping which would be deducted from my refund. Not worth the hassle. Now I have to find someone who has the tools to make some holes on it. So frustrating.

    by Dayana Guzman, July 18, 2020



    It’s nice to wash the dishes and just place them on top. No more dry mats getting soaked and stinky. Has hooks, compartments and even the chopping board has a spot. A little pricey but a very nice addition to the kitchen.

    by Norma, May 15, 2020


    Should be titled "dish storage rack" instead of "dish drying rack"

    Because of the way it sicks over the sink, if you put dishes too far back in the storage areas while doing the dishes you will get water dripping over the back areas of your counter and on top of the faucet, back of the sink, in-between the sink and the wall, etc. You can not scoot it forward enough for the entire storage areas to be directly over the sink wells or you won't be able to use your faucet. Living in a studio apartment, I still consider this to be a good purchase because it gives me more storage area for my dishes and helps to open up cabinet space for other kitchen items. Just make sure your dishes are dry before storing them in the rack.

    by SeanS, March 7, 2020


    Frees up precious space around sink

    In full disclosure, the product maker included a note that if I left a 5-star rating with a screenshot, I'd receive a $20 Bolo gift card. But I would have left a 5-star rating regardless. Super easy setup. I saw some questioned the sturdiness -- not an issue for us. It doesn't move, shake or wobble, at least for us. I can't vouch for others' experiences, which may be different. Love that you have room to store cutting boards on the side, plus a slotted area where knives can go. That's huge -- always been an issue of where/how you dry knives safely. It really frees up that kitchen sink space. A bonus is we have a light fixture just above that had been blocked by a some small storage shelving around the sink that we removed to make room for this. Now much brighter since the light can shine through.

    by Mike, October 18, 2020


    Helps with organization and more counter space

    I really like this dish rack. It was very easy to assemble, it's very sturdy(to my surprise), looks nice. You can adjust the baskets and hooks however you want.Update: idk how much I like it anymore. It takes up way too much space and gets water all over the back of the sink. Just makes it look more cluttered

    by Jasmine Anderson, August 16, 2020


    Works Well, Not Super Hard to Set Up.

    With limited counter space we are always watching for easy things to increase work areas in the kitchen. I was looking through Bolo one day when I saw this product and wondered if it might free up our current dish dryer. After checking out other products like it, this one fit the space, plus had 'wiggle room' if measurements were off. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU MEASURE. The various types on Bolo come in different widths. Some are NOT adjustable, others offer limited adjusting, and a few offer a wider amount. This product is one of the latter.The other thing to consider is what you want to dry/store with this. All the ones we looked at come with a number of rack/storage options that can hang on the rack. We went for more options, rather then less, so we could be flexible. It comes unassembled in a flat pack, but it's not horrible to put together, just a little tedious. Instructions were well done, and once together (you put the rack together first, then you hang what pieces you want, where you want), you can adjust it wider if needed.All the various optional baskets, etc. that come with it just hook on easily, and can be removed or moved just as easily. I am glad we chose more hanging options, as some I thought would be useful turned out not to be. For instance the 'knife storage/dryer' is really not that useful. However, the small basket with high sides turned out a great place to hold the dish soap, hand soap, and a scrubber. freeing up even more counter space. The ability to move the racks and baskets around is fun!Overall, this saved up more counter space then I thought it would, and made the whole area around the sink seem more organized. Not only that it does look very nice.

    by Timothy L. Wagner, December 10, 2020


    Nice addition over sink

    Expensive but expands nicely to a width I could use. The back expandable tubes fit tightly (good) so be careful not to scrap the paint off the inside (middle) tube when assembling.Like that the baskets can be used inside or outside the base sidesThe utensil holder is small and can only attach to the baskets with thin sides.The knive holder is of limited use as the bottom opening will not support the knives, as there are no sides, so they fall/slide over. Thinking about using one of the hangers provided as a lower side strap for the knife holder, but my bending it will likely damage the black paint.

    by GlenT, May 5, 2020


    Not worth the money.

    I was so looking forward to this product as I had one in China. But once taken out the box and assembled I could quickly tell it was nothing like my old one. I ordered stainless steel as I love the clean look. I know stainless steel can get scratched but go have it arrive already marred was disappointing. Then assembling it I quickly realised that it was very cheap steel. The screws when you go to tighten it pops out and once fully assembled it doesn’t fit flat. As you can see the suction cup sits above the counter. All in all not worth the hefty prices tag.

    by Zaimah, July 17, 2021


    Just get it dude get it over with once and for all

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Dude just get it. It’s solid. I got scared from all the pieces it came in but it took 15 minutes to put it together. Easy as ApplePie.

    by Wes, November 11, 2020


    The finish is quite poor with sharp edges etc..

    All parts were present. Instructions easy to follow. The finish leaves a bit to be desired. Sharp edges where joins are not aligned properly. On the back rods, the nuts that hold the extension bars in place can come off when the bolts are screwed in firmly. Could be a good product, but a greater eye for detail needed in production to improve the finish.

    by Tony TC, July 16, 2021


    Got Sharp edges at multiple places.

    I like the design of having dish dryer above sink and was very easy for me to assemble but the products finishing is not that good where it is welded together. There are hazard all over, joining points are sharp and I almost cut my finger.The actual product is strong and stable I think. I had to extend the length as my sink is almost 100cm, but still I feel the product is strong.

    by joji, July 23, 2021



    Though it is a bit pricey it really suited my need as I have a big sink and it fits my sink area perfectly makes all the difference to washing up and keeping the sink area clean and tidy. Excellent choice.

    by BOC, August 13, 2021

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